Office design

Doing the job has changed over the years. Most office buildings haven’t though. That is shocking news, isn’t’ it?

Let’s have a look at two of the most popular space types, plus some thoughts around how to optimize them, with design, productivity and employees top of mind.

Breakout Spaces

I think we all got the idea of a breakout space or room. Breakout of the current work world and focus on another topic.

Here are some considerations for such rooms:

  • Is the room fun and inviting for staff? (Furniture (deco), color, design)
  • Does it focus on important aspects? Place for laptops, enough light?
  • Is the interior of the room – and thus the people inside – visible from the outside?

Conference Rooms

Not much of an explanation needed here. Conference rooms are simply rooms where conferences or meeting can take place. Personal experiences show though that not every room has the same warm and welcoming climate.


  • Do the facilities in the conference room support a productive working environment? (Whiteboards, TVs, chairs)
  • Are the rooms in ease of reach? It probably sounds silly but imagines 10 people walking 5 minutes to reach the room. After a meeting, they also walk back. So altogether 100 minutes or nearly 2 hours of work gone.


In this post we only discussed to room types. There is obviously way more to say. So stay tuned.





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